Moving Forward

A great day at the Goudhurst Fete yesterday and it is clear there is strong feeling in the parish about how we should manage development in our community.  It is rare that we have a chance to affect our future but by Completing the Questionnaire you will ensure your opinions count and help create our Neighbourhood Plan. Every address in the Parish has received a paper copy and the Questionnaire is open to anyone 14 or over.

Your view matters and the collated questionnaire responses will set the pattern for future change in the Parish.

There was an excellent response to our open evening on the 24th May with 276 people counted through the door and standing room only. The evening gave an update on the NDP activities and with guest speakers from Tunbridge Wells Borough Council who presented their Issues and Options consultation (which has now closed). The evening launched the Residents Questionnaire which runs until the 30th June. Leave us your email address or phone number to enter a prize draw!

The Business Questionnaire was launched on the 7th May so if you run a business in the Parish please give us your perspective on running  business in the Parish. This also runs to the 30th June.

The NDP Steering and Working Groups have been running for some six months and have made some excellent progress. The story so far can be found on our Background and History pages that cover everything from the agreement to build a plan to the formation of the Steering and Working Groups.  This page will now focus on current activities.

The Photographic Competition is open and will be running for the next 12 months with the best entries shortlisted for a final exhibition and overall winners in February 2018. Capture the changing seasons of our parish. There have been some fantastic entries for March and April.

Our efforts are running in parallel with the  Tunbridge Wells Local Plan consultation which is open for public response from 2nd May to 12th June.  We have listed the Issues and Options along with all evidence papers. Members of the TWBC planning team will be presenting at our open meeting on the 24th May. Make sure you give your feedback.

Our Working Groups are continuing to build our evidence base, that along with the results of the Questionnaire will be used to support a series of public workshops to be held in the autumn covering:

  • Housing & Business (September)
  • Traffic and Transport (October)
  • Community and Landscape (October)

These workshops will help set and agree the overall goals and objectives of our plan and set out our overall vision.

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Decide the pattern of future development in Goudhurst