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Where are we?

Over the last 6 months we have been updating the Neighbourhood Plan to reflect the comments we received in the regulation 14 consultation at the start of 2019.

We have documented all of these comments and the changes we have made to reflect the feedback we received.

The comments we received, and the changes have made, are reflected in our Consultation Statement which will form a part of our submission when the plan moves to inspection.

An updated plan will be published in early November.

Have you received your plan?

We have produced the initial version of the Goudhurst Neighbourhood Plan and it is now time to seek feedback on the objectives and policies.

You should have received a paper copy of the the Goudhurst plan. If you have not received one then send us an email and we will arrange for a delivery.  Alternatively, you can download a copy of the plan.

Give us your feedback.  You can submit feedback directly through the NDP website or complete the MS Excel worksheet and email the results to

Feedback will be collated and all feedback will be published. Feedback will be used to update the plan before it is submitted for formal examination.

We will also be holding two drop in sessions in the Parish Hall on  the 21st November 6:30-8:30pm and the 8th December 9-12:00.

Photographic Competition – Exhibition of all entries and Announcing the Winners

On the 10th April we will be announcing the winners of the Neighbourhood Plan photographic competition in St Marys church at 19:30.

The competition has been running for 12 months and we have had some fantastic entries.

Over the year, we shortlisted monthly winners in each category and these are listed below. We will select category winners and an overall competition winner from these entries.

Come along at19:30 the 10th April to celebrate everyones contribution in a exhibition of all of the competition entries



Under 16

Places Special to you




The Fegan Society and its connection with Goudhurst

You may not know the story of the Fegan Society which took children from the streets of London from the 1870’s and gave them education and support. The society is still active supporting children.

The original base for the charity was what is now Blantyre prison and elements of the original buildings can still be seen. James Fegan and his family are buried in St Mary’s churchyard.

You can find out more from an exhibition in Tunbridge Wells  which will take your through this story.  Seasons of Change: The Fegans’ Story, Tunbridge Wells, 13th – 18th March 


A Colour Chart for Goudhurst!

The High Weald has concluded an analysis of the colours that make up our landscape and have published a colour chart which can be used to guide developers and planning authorities on what colours can be used in new developments to help to integrate it into the landscape successfully.

The advice is practical providing details of materials and suppliers in order to ensure new developments integrate and are ‘good neighbours’ with existing  buildings and landscapes.

The full document can be found on the High Weald website and the document can be found in our resources page.

Questionnaire Results Exhibition – 24th July

The results of the recent Business and Residents surveys will be published in an exhibition to be held in St Mary’s church from the 24th July until early September.

The exhibition provides results for each  question providing the total number of responses and the percentages by either age, gender or by village. There are some clear messages in the data.

The results will be published as a series of posts over the coming weeks and shared on Facebook. An analysis document is also being prepared and this will be available for download later in August.

These results form a key part of the evidence base for the Neighbourhood Plan and they will be used as the basis for workshops taking place in September, October and November. Details of these workshops and how to book your place will be published shortly.


Questionnaire – turning the page

The Questionnaire is closed.  We have had over 1000 responses representing around 50% of the Parish. We will be collating paper responses for the next 10 days so if you would like to return your entry or enter it online we will accept it.

The initial analysis of the results shows some clear preferences around the type and scale of development. They also identify priority issues in the community and with few exceptions there is a consistent message that is shared across all age ranges.

The results exhibition will be open on 24th July in St Mary’s and we will announce  the three winners of the prize draw. The exhibition will run for 5 weeks through the summer.

In September there will be a series of workshops based around the questionnaire results and other evidence gathered by our working groups to turn our evidence into action. These dates and how to get your ticket will be announced soon.