Fantastic Turnout on the 24th

A big thank-you to all those who attended the public meeting in St Mary’s on the 24th May.  The presentation from TWBC and the NDP team took a little longer than planned but there was a lot of ground to cover.  The good news from the evening was that TWBC are not considering Goudhurst as suitable for more than a small amount of development. The bad news was the Borough does not have its 5 year land supply required under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) so is at risk from speculative development – a good reason to get our plan in place as soon as we can.

We made two documents available at the meeting:

The first set out our Our Vision and Objectives developed in the autumn workshops and the second set out a summary of our policies   which are detailed below. We would very much like to hear your feedback on the policy outlines as they stand. We would like to understand where you have concerns and what you believe is missing from the plan. Let us know either on email or via Facebook.

Finally, thank you to the Rev. Hugh Nelson for making St Mary’s available to us for the meeting and also the the bellringers who moved their practice to the Friday.

Policies & Projects

Policy area

Policy Outline


Countryside and Environment


Retain the profile of our hilltop villages To limit development on the slopes of our settlements and in prominent positions and maintain a distinct green gap around our settlements and along the ridgelines
Conserve Landscape and Heritage Assets


To ensure new development complements our Parish. 18.9% of our properties are listed and over 70% of our houses built before 1874, giving a very distinctive character to our settlements
  Manage the LBD To manage how the Limit-to-Built Development changes over time



Countryside and Environment


Bio-diversity To ensure new development does not adversely impact the natural environment
Development in the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) To ensure that any development complements the AONB and improves the rural environment (Most of the Parish lies within the AONB and therefore some development in the AONB is inevitable.)
  Light Pollution/

Dark Skies

To remain a dark skies community and continue to minimise the impact of light pollution whether from public or private sources
  Green Spaces To conserve existing and seek new green spaces within any major developments, emphasising the rural character of the Parish.
  Trees To protect trees, particularly ancient woodland.
  Views To protect important views (in and out) of our Parish, valued by residents and visitors
Housing Number of new homes To manage the number of new homes in the parish to meet local demand within numbers that residents regard as acceptable
  Housing mix To require  mixed development with an emphasis on smaller houses meeting local need
  Tenancy Mix To ensure developments include a proportion of housing that local people can afford
  Housing for rural workers To support homes restricted for occupation by agricultural or forestry workers
  Replacement Dwellings To control the size and scope of replacement dwellings
  Conversion of existing buildings To provide more residential properties using redundant buildings
Design Design Standards To ensure that development – including extensions –  enhances our community by respecting its setting and in  the quality of individual and spatial design, including boundaries
  Climate Change New homes need to be more efficient and future proofed – including in drainage and the collection and re-use of water
Traffic Car Parking To ensure one parking space for every bedroom in new developments to reduce impact of parking on the roads
  Traffic Impact To ensure that new developments do not inhibit free flow of traffic or increase parking on local roads; and to seek mitigation where possible.
  Pedestrian Footways To ensure that where possible new developments provide safe pedestrian access to bus stops, schools and other village facilities.
Business Supporting new businesses To encourage the development of businesses and employment making Goudhurst a good place to invest
  Retention of commercial premises To retain shops and businesses in our community
Community Community Facilities To secure developer contributions to improve local facilities
  Accessibility To ensure new development is accessible to all
  Assets of Value To protect significant assets in the Parish from change or loss
  Broadband and Mobile To support the provision of improved service within the parish
Projects Traffic Congestion To address the issues of traffic congestion in Goudhurst high-street
  Parking in Goudhurst To ensure parking is available to allow residents and visitors to use the services and facilities in our villages
  Improving road safety To lobby to reduce speed limits and implement traffic calming
  Improve Parish wide communications To provide improved communications across the parish making events, activities and opportunities in the Parish accessible to all.