Goudhurst Limits to Built Development

There are a number of different boundaries within which we are developing our plan.  However, there are some clear boundaries which affect all development.

The first boundary we need to look at is the Conservation Areas (shaded pink) which exist in both Kilndown and Goudhurst and have specific policies associated with them.  At the centre of both the Kilndown and Goudhurst conservation areas is a Grade 1 listed church. Goudhurst was originally designated as a conservation area in February 1970 and reassessed in January 1992. Kilndown was designated separately as a conservation area in October 1981.

The second boundary is the Limits to Built Development (LBD) (red boundaries) and designates the boundary of development within the settlements. Note there is no LBD in Curtiseden Green but two in Goudhurst. This boundary is not fixed and can be moved to accommodate new development. Historically, policies have been in place to ensure development respects the LBD. However, the LBD is subject to change and development on the boundary has seen the boundary change to include the any new development.

Decide the pattern of future development in Goudhurst