Our progress

The working groups are all working to develop a questionnaire to be delivered to all residents and businesses. The objective is to understand how we as a community feel about our parish and how it should develop over the next 15+ years.

Our intention is to complete the questionnaire  by the end of March so that we can run a pilot to test the ‘usability’ of the questionnaire in early April. Once ready, we will deliver a paper copy to all properties in the parish. There will also be an electronic version to make it easier for many to submit. Our goal is to create a questionnaire that will take around 15 minutes to complete.

What comes next?

Once we have the results of the questionnaire we will have a public exhibition of the results. This will be followed by a series of public workshops where we will use our information base, and the information gathered in the questionnaire, to begin the development of  policies that will form the basis of our final plan.  This next stage of the project will begin in late summer.

What have we achieved?

Our NDP is registered and approved by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council (TWBC)  and it was agreed on 7th November that Goudhurst Parish was a ‘Designated Neighbourhood Area for the creation of an NDP.   This means we can create a Neighbourhood Development Plan and our public meeting on the 10th September, attended by 238 people, saw a number of volunteers come forward to help start this process. A follow up meeting on the 10th October allowed us to create both a Steering group and the working groups.  Most of the working groups have now completed their first meeting. Steering agenda and minutes can be found on this site.

The working groups have defined their scope and are working to understand the issues that face our community. It is important the the working groups develop an understanding of the needs of both business and residents and their  and ambition for our parish. This is will become our ‘evidence base’ that and will be the foundation for our future dreams. The working groups will work through what we know about our parish and develop a set of questions  that will allow us to create a better broader picture of Goudhurst and a vision for our community.

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Decide the pattern of future development in Goudhurst