Questionnaire Response Summary – Housing

Housing questions are a key question group in the questionnaire and the responses received will influence many of the policies of the final Neighbourhood Plan.  From your responses, there is a general consensus around the need for more housing in the Parish, the types of housing that we need, the scale of any new developments and where developments should be.

Additional development is supported within the Parish with 52% believing we need new homes. A level of 5 homes per annum was suggested as a target and again 52% of the community see this level as ‘about right’.

84% felt that we should should support housing for people on low income with a local connection and 79% supported the inclusion of a policy which encourages and supports self-build homes for local people.

What, where and how should development be delivered?

There is a preference in our community for smaller homes. This need was also reflected in our recent Housing Need Survey which highlighted the lack of smaller houses in the Parish with older residents wanting to downsize and others needing their first step onto the property ladder. Census data shows that we have twice the national average of houses in the bands F, G, H housing types and half the national average for bands C and D.

As seen in other Parishes, 90% would prefer smaller developments where the impact of development can be more easily assimilated.

There is also a preference to re-use sites before building on greenfield sites. The challenge in the Parish is the availability of such sites.

A series of Design Statements were broadly agreed with a large majority wanting to maintain the character of our settlements as well as preserving the views in and out of our settlements. There was consensus on the need for parking and outside space but questions around increased housing density and diversity of design showed a more even split across all communities.