Questionnaire Results Summary – Landscape

There were four questions which related to the landscape.

  • 31 – How important to you is the preservation of the existing landscape?
  • 32 – How important is it to you that Green Spaces within the Parish should be kept for community enjoyment/recreation and be immune from future housing development?
  • 33 – How important is it to you that Historic Buildings and Sites across the Parish are protected from future housing development?
  • 34 – Most of the Parish is within the High Weald AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), which is currently protected from development. How important is it to you that the AONB continues to be protected?

All questions related to the AONB, Green Spaces, our Landscape and our Historic Buildings received over 90% positive(very or fairly important) support.  Perhaps, and not unsurprisingly, the things we value most in our hilltop settlements are the views we have both from and to the surrounding countryside.