Questionnaire Results Summary – Traffic

Our first question asked whether our roads are adequate for the vehicles using them?  82% felt the roads are not adequate for the current volume of traffic.

Subsequent questions established an almost universal concern around the number and size of HGV’s travelling through the parish.


Again, when it came to traffic problems, the size of vehicles also topped our list of concerns.

We confirmed anecdotal evidence that people feel that the roads in our communities are generally unsafe for walking, cycling or riding.

We asked ‘Which road causes you most concern?’ and you overwhelmingly chose Goudhurst village as the number one problem.

A number of options to improve traffic safety were included in the Questionnaire and responses to these show that Speed Limits were seen as potentially the most beneficial. These options, along with other ideas, will need to be tested in the autumn workshops.

Questions around Bus usage shows that local bus services are used by only 18% of responders with those under 30 more dependent in bus services.