Selecting sites in Goudhurst for Development

Tunbridge Wells have issued two call-for-sites (2016 & 2017) which were intended to identify land for development. These two activities brought forward 23 sites across our Parish for consideration for future development. 

Although we have not issued a ‘Goudhurst only call-for-sites’ we have developed a set of Site Assessment Criteria to allow us to objectively review sites submitted in the TWBC process. Our own Site Assessment Criteria allows us to complete a consistent analysis of any sites now and in the future.

What are our criteria?

Our criteria only assess the land and its suitability of the land for development. There are no specific schemes (x houses or Y flats) proposed at this stage of the planning process. Any proposed scheme would need to comply with the policies in our plan as well as borough and national policy.

Site Description
  • Covering location, size, current usage surrounding land, boundaries, natural features and if the site has previously been developed or has planning history
  • Is the site within the Limits-to-Built-Development
  • Relationship with surrounding land uses
  • Is the site visually enclosed or exposed?
  • Site Topography
  • Are there any constraining features e.g. Pylons and electrical power lines etc.
  • Does site have access to power, water, drainage and broadband
  • Site viability – adequacy of existing roads
  • Does site have access for waste removal and emergency services
  • If the current access is inadequate or could it be improved
Access for pedestrians
  • Is there Pedestrian access
  • Suitable for cycling
  • Any Public Rights of Way
  • Access to local public transport
  • Access to local services
  • Distance to important sites (SSSIs)
  • Distance to sites designated of local importance
  • Any impact on biodiversity, ecology or geodiversity
  • Are there any tree preservation orders on the site?
  • Proximity to Ancient Woodland?
Flood risk
  • Is there a risk of flooding
  • any impact on the landscape of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)
  • Impact on areas such as¬†Conservation Area, Scheduled monument, parks Listed Buildings etc.
  • Ownership
  • Deliverable

All of the sites submitted to the two TWBC Call-for-Sites requests have been assessed.