Development sites within the Parish fall into two categories:

  • Allocated sites – These sites will  have been proposed as a part of the TWBC Call for Sites  and are considered deliverable and appropriate. None of the Sites put forward have been allocated as yet. Any homes identified on allocated sites will be included in the plan to meet housing targets.
  • Windfall sites – these are development sites that are proposed outside of the call-for-sites process. They come forward as part of the business-as-usual process – someone applies for planning permission. Historically, the majority of sites in Goudhurst have fallen into this category. Windfall sites are not counted in planning targets although they are included in overall totals once completed.

How do we assess sites?

The NDP team are developing a set of Site Assessment Criteria  which we are using to assess sites already identified in the TWBC Call for Sites process. The criteria look at a site from multiple perspectives documenting all aspects of each site. These are then scored to understand the overall viability of each site.  TWBC are also assessing these sites and we are working with them to ensure our criteria align.

Decide the pattern of future development in Goudhurst