Here we have the steering agenda and minutes for the current and past steering meetings. Steering is scheduled for the 1st Monday of the Month. The next meeting is 6th March 2017, 7:45 in the Jessel Room. These are public meetings.

The Steering group has an agreed  Code of conduct and consists of:

  • Colin Willis – Chairman
  • Linda Hall – Deputy Chair
  • Craig Broom – Secretary
  • Barbara  Stafford
  • Antony Harris – GPC
  • Ed Bates
  • Richard Hillier
  • Victoria Aldwinckle
  • John Leavens
  • Susan Newsam – GPC (until June 2017)
  • Alan Foster – GPC (until April 2017)
  • Guy Sutton – GPC (from May 2017)
  • Shiona Gardiner (from June 2017)
  • Peter Rolington – Finance Officer (until July 2017)
  • Jo Hinde (until December 2017)
  • Paul Griffin (from August 2017)
  • Adrian Smith (from August 2017)
  • Peter Wood (from December 2017)


Decide the pattern of future development in Goudhurst

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