Workshops – Your chance to directly influence the Goudhurst Neighbourhood Plan

You will have completed the questionnaire and now it is time to use the information we gathered to develop our Neighbourhood Plan.

We are hosting four public workshops in September and October which will use the questionnaire data and the evidence we have gathered so far to develop the key components of our plan.

This is your chance to directly influence the direction and content of Goudhurst Neighbourhood plan. The workshops will run from 9:00 to 13:00 on each day. The workshops will be interactive and the output produced in each session will be included in our final plan.

  • Vision and Objectives – 9th September  – This session is the starting point for the overall process and  will create both a short and long term vision for the Parish setting the objectives of our Neighbourhood plan. The meeting will be held in Goudhurst Parish Hall.
  • Housing and Design – 23rd September – Housing is one of the most important areas for the Neighbourhood Plan and a large amount of our efforts will be focused on developing design and development policies,  the types of housing we need in Goudhurst, identifying sites and managing change in the community over the next 15 years. The meeting will be held in Goudhurst Parish Hall.
  • Traffic and Economy – 7th October – Traffic is an important issue across the Parish and this session will look what how we might address the issues raised in the Questionnaire. The workshop will look at policy areas to manage development and will identify projects and activities that we can deliver as a community to improve traffic. This workshop will be held in Kilndown Village Hall.
  • Landscape and Community – 21st October – The questionnaire responses show that as a Parish our Landscape and Community is an extremely important part of life in Goudhurst. The things we value, the facilities we use and our concerns all contribute to our overall quality of life. By registering for this workshop you are helping to ensure that our heritage remains an important part of our future. This workshop will be held in Kilndown Village Hall.

We would like to have some idea of the numbers and, if possible,  we would like you register you interest so we can get a sense of numbers attending each session. You can register for each of the workshops by completing the format the bottom of this page or by reserving your places on the lists at Burgess Stores or the Quarry Centre.

The results of each session will be published following the workshops.